Celebrating Darren McDonald’s Long Service with OES

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Celebrating Darren McDonald’s Long Service with OES

We are absolutely thrilled to celebrate Darren McDonald’s (Mac) 10 years with OES.

Mac joined OES following an impressive 24 years in the British Army, bringing with him a wealth of experience he could transfer to ‘civvy street’.

He is a valued member of our team who has a vast knowledge of our products and services. He has continued is professional development by pursuing additional courses on Develop/Konica, Lexmark, and Sharp, keeping himself up to date with the latest technological advancements in our industry. His thirst for knowledge has not only elevated his own skills but has also had a positive impact on our entire organization.

What truly sets Darren apart is his unwavering commitment to our customers. With his vast knowledge and warm personality, he goes above and beyond to address their needs and resolve any issues they encounter. His friendly and approachable manner and willingness to lend a helping hand make him a trusted and reliable resource for our valued clients.

“We’d be truly lost without Mac on our engineer team. He’s such an asset to the business and I am grateful to call him a friend too. He always receives amazing of feedback from clients and having people you can trust representing your brand means everything” – Wayne Jones, MD

Outside of work he is a devoted father to his two daughters, and enjoys rugby, football, fishing, and socialising.

Darren has seen lots of change during his time with OES. His unwavering commitment and contributions have played an integral role in shaping our journey towards continued growth. We are truly grateful for his friendly nature, expertise, and the positive impact he has had on our OES family.

“Since joining OES, I have been encouraged and nurtured in my professional development as well as feeling like I have a work family. It’s a great place to work and I hope to have many more happy years here.” – Darren

On behalf of all of us at OES, thank you Darren, for everything you have and continue to do for the business. He’s a friend, not just a colleague. We look forward to next 10 years!