Website Redesign for Leading North Wales Law Firms

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Website Redesign for Leading North Wales Law Firms

We were thrilled when Gamlins Solicitors, one of our valued clients, entrusted OES with the task of revamping their website. Their old website, having been in place for over six years, was certainly overdue for a makeover.

This project was particularly intriguing and somewhat exceptional because it involved two separate law firms, Gamlins Solicitors LLP and Gamlins Law Ltd, sharing the same website and domain. This presented us with several design challenges, including the need to seamlessly incorporate both firms’ logos, staff profiles, multiple office locations, and various accreditations into the site’s layout.

To tackle this challenge, we devised clever layout solutions including a conditional header, a split footer, side-by-side links, and coloured map markers. The result? A website that elegantly integrates all the essential elements. The new site exudes vibrancy, thanks to the incorporation of featured images, icons, tabs, and accordions to showcase content. Additionally, we introduced bold, eye-catching fonts, enlarged call-to-action buttons, and revamped staff profiles, careers, and blog pages:

Recognizing that mobile users accounted for half of the website’s traffic, we ensured that the new design was mobile-friendly. Furthermore, we diligently preserved the site’s search engine ranking by retaining the same URLs and setting up redirects for the old pages to pass on their rankings.

“Working with Ian to redesign our website made the whole process hassle free. We are grateful for the work OES has done which has given us a more user friendly website for our clients”

– Sian Williams, Gamlins Solicitors LLP

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