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How to be Smart about the Cyber Risks of Remote Working – Cybersecurity Awareness

The last year or so has seen a massive increase in remote and hybrid working for large and small businesses. Whilst this was a necessity following the restrictions put in place due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are many benefits to hybrid working. However, with these benefits there also comes greater risks to cyber security [...]

The Effect of the Facebook Outage – Cybersecurity Awareness Month

How apt that Facebook and related services would experience their longest outage during #CyberSecurityMonth. Whilst Facebook, Instagram, Oculus and WhatsApp were down for over 5 hours, there were many concerns by users: Is this a hack? Is my data safe? If it has gone for good, have I lost all my pictures? I can't log [...]

8 Tips on How to Prevent Cyber Attacks – Cybersecurity Awareness Month

What can you do to prevent a cyber attack? It's more important now than ever before to have preventative measures in place to improve cyber security to protect you and your business from cyber threats such as loss of sensitive data and phishing attacks. The divide between work and our personal lives is becoming increasingly [...]

Cybersecurity Awareness Month – Let’s Start with Cyber Security Basics

It seems these days that we’re hearing about data breaches and cyber security in the news every other day. So what does that mean for you and your business? Whether you have a business to protect or your personal data, cyber attacks are a security risk that can’t be ignored. Sure there are multiple pieces [...]

How to Manage a Hybrid Team

We've talked about how the future of offices is hybrid a lot recently, and here we are again with more forward-thinking information for you! With many workplaces moving to a Hybrid model of working, whether intentional or as a result of the pandemic, managing your workforce effectively has changed. Flexible working arrangements are here to [...]

5 Reasons Hybrid Working is the Future

With the covid pandemic affecting how we work and accelerating the rate of people working from home, businesses are having to change how they operate. It's no longer an either-or thing. People don't either work from home or the office, they need the flexibility to do both. We've talked about Hybrid Office Solutions before but [...]

What is 2FA and why you should enable it now!

We are storing more important personal information online than we ever have before, keeping it private and secure is therefore becoming increasingly important. Two-factor Authentication or 2FA is here to assist in protecting that data. To protect our personal information online and keep it private, we need to make sure we’re the only ones in [...]

Coronavirus Statement

As a valued customers, we appreciate the trust you place in us to make sure all your critical operational services will continue. We are committed to an evidence-led and common-sense approach to containing the coronavirus outbreak and mitigating its impact on employees, customers and our wider business operations. Please be assured we have prepared for [...]

Office Renovation Complete

And that's a wrap! As part of our office renovations we're super proud to have our re-designed frontage and upgraded the showroom.