Shielding your businesses and your customers data has never been more important than it has now!

Cyber Security Training by OES
Cyber Security Training by OES

More than 50% of UK registered businesses reported a cyber-attack/breach during 2019

With exploits becoming more sophisticated day by day, it’s now more critical than ever for your business to take Cyber Security seriously with the correct investment extending far beyond traditional means such as antivirus and boundary firewalls.

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Combined with the desire to transform into a modern workplace, it is imperative businesses continuously protect the availability, accessibility and integrity of their data and systems.

The effects of a breach, of any size, can have devastating impacts to an organisation, severely compromising their reputation, competitive advantage and financial position, with fines from regulatory bodies a common occurrence.

OES IT Engineer working on a Server Cabinet

Our Cyber Security Solutions

OES can deploy comprehensive solutions, ensuring the correct measures are taken to protect your businesses and your customers data while staying ahead of emerging threats.

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Endpoint Security

Diminish external threats coming through the means of email communication, web browsing and more!

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Our Endpoint Security offers protection against, malware while analysing USB devices, web browsing and applications ensuring your business data and assets is protected against cyber-attacks and data breaches

Defending your businesses vulnerable access points, whether this be a computer, phone or tablet connected to the business network, entry points need to be secured minimising the risk of cyber-attacks or data breeches.

  • Malware Protection
  • Application blocking control
  • Web filtering
  • USB device control
  • Monitor and manage security threats
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Boundary Security

Minimise risk and maximum protection across your business network at the boundary.

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Our boundary security solutions add the primary layer of protection for your businesses network protecting against external threats, protecting key services.

As networks grow and businesses adopt a greater digital presence, more and more devices are now accessing the internet from inside your network, opening more ways in and out of the network. It’s now more important than ever to detect, discover, isolate and contain these threats before damage is done.

  • Next generation firewalls and advanced threat protection
  • Web content URL filtering
  • Web portal management and reporting
  • Secure remote access
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Email Security

Negate external threats often through the means of email communication

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Email communications is the most common source of malware accessing your network, email threats are now shifting to targeting users and not infrastructure.

Attackers used to deploy emails containing malicious codes to gain access to key infrastructure within your business, but today emails filled with interesting targeted content are used to bait users to fake websites and files, with website redirects most commonly requesting login credentials to obtain that users private passwords, and files often targeted as ‘Invoices’ ‘Purchase Orders’ once open running malicious software locking files commonly known as crypto lockers.

  • Enhanced security with spam and phishing detection
  • Protecting against viruses, spam and phishing attacks
  • Risk analysis and quarantining of potentially harmful attachments
  • Implementing policy enforced encryption and data loss prevention
  • Creating a 24/7 standby emergency inbox
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Assessments and Compliance

Assisting you to identify and manage the risks your business has ensuring compliance with industry assessors

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Modern business environments of all sizes deal with various sectors each requiring their own compliance against data protection. As technology changes and regulations evolve, this makes it increasingly challenging for business to adopt and stay compliant to a satisfactory standard. Failure to stay compliant can result in high penalties, reputational damage and loss of customers.

OES can assist you with becoming complaint against a number of schemes, regardless of size, we will assess your businesses networks, people, processes and policies and identify areas for compliance, reducing the risks of cyber-attack.

  • GDPR compliance
  • Cyber Essentials scheme
  • PCI DSS scans
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User Awareness Training

Strengthen your employee’s knowledge of cyber security awareness

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Helping you implement a culture of cyber awareness across your business with tailored security raining, phishing simulations ensuring your staff are the first line of defence.

  • Improve your businesses security awareness
  • Keep staff vigilant against threats
  • Deliver targeted education to the vulnerable users
  • Encourage employees to report suspicious content
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Cloud Security

Protect your business against vulnerabilities from devices to cloud.

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  • Governance of data wherever it resides
  • Maintaining and control of activity, applying DLP (data loss prevention) methods
  • Control of data across all devices


OES partner with industry leading cyber security solutions ensuring your data is kept safe, allowing OES to provide unrivalled service levels for your business continuity solution.

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