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Business Workstations

OES supply a large range of business workstations from Smartphones to Desktop PC’s. We can help recommend the best solution at an affordable price.


Our high quality servers, at very competitive prices, marry up with our excellent IT support services to give you more time to drive your business forward.


A solid computer network is an essential foundation for any businesses IT System. It includes hardware such as switches, routers, and data cabling.


As demand for mobile devices increases, you need to consider whether your wireless network has the capacity to cope.

Business Email

Email is one of the most used forms of communication for any business. Keeping you connected with all of your customers and colleagues.

Backup & Recovery

It is common knowledge that data backup is important, but it is critical for businesses to get it right or the consequences can be devastating.

Network Security

It is essential for businesses today to ensure their data is safe and secure by addressing a whole range of security vulnerabalities.

IT Support Contracts

At OES we understand that every business is different and with unique requirements which is why our IT support services are customised to your requirements.

IT Consultancy

With our IT Consultancy service we can work on your behalf to ensure that your IT services are delivered as expected.

Document Management

Store all your important documents electronically so they are instantly available when needed.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is a flexible form of electronic display which can be used to show a multitude of information, advertising and other messages.

PAT Testing

PAT Testing

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is a way of making sure that electrical appliances on your premises are safe and do not cause fires or electric shocks to staff or members of the public.

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