Business Continuity

Business Continuity

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Protect Your Business with Business Continuity

No one can fully predict a disaster or downtime, so it is crucial to prepare to recover your data should the worst happen.

OES have many years of experience with multiple backup solutions, ensuring the right platform is in place protecting your business’s data.
The cost of downtime can be huge, with the loss of orders, revenue, reputational damage and fines from a regulating body. 43% of businesses never re-open following a disaster without a suitable business continuity plan in place.

We have the answer

Our Business Continuity Solutions

Business Continuity Plan

As it is a GDPR requirement for businesses to have appropriate measures in place to restore access to personal data, it’s never been more crucial to have the correct business continuity plan in place.
Often thought of as an insurance policy for your data, business continuity plans define the steps, procedures and time frames to ensure your data is safe and can be recovered in the case of a disaster or outage.

Managed Backup

Our Managed Backup solutions safeguard your data and minimise the risk of the loss of information. We’ll make sure your backup is reliable and correctly configured while you're still compliant with industry standards and regulations.

The solutions we deploy and manage are all virtualisation ready. In the event of a critical failure, we can have you up and running in the shortest time possible.

Cloud Backup

Many people think SaaS (Software as a Service) applications are automatically backed up because they’re in the cloud, this isn’t the case.

Our suite of SaaS ready backup solutions is simple to deploy, reliable and cost-efficient, ensuring to automatically backup your cloud applications such as Microsoft 365, G-Suite and more.

We can also help archive inactive user accounts to retain the information held within here without the cost of unnecessary monthly subscription costs.

What’s Included

Consultation, Planning, Project Delivery and Ongoing Support

24/7 monitoring and management – Ensuring your businesses backups are a success as part of our standard support offering
Regular backup testing means there’s less for you to worry about.
Protection of your critical systems and data – prevention rather than a cure
Replicate your data in real-time to prevent data loss minimising the risks to your business
Industry-leading vendors combined with our in-house experts allow us to provide a reliable and resilient backup solution.
Ongoing support by our fully trained and accredited technicians
Consultation services working closely with you providing strategic advice and guidance to provide you with the business continuity solution you require
Support for cross-platform solutions, whether these be Physical or Virtual, Windows/Linux or Cloud-Based solutions

Our Partners

OES partners with industry-leading backup, replication and recovery solutions ensuring your data is kept secure, allowing OES to provide unrivalled service levels for your business continuity solution.