What is 2FA and why you should enable it now!

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What is 2FA and why you should enable it now!

We are storing more important personal information online than we ever have before, keeping it private and secure is therefore becoming increasingly important. Two-factor Authentication or 2FA is here to assist in protecting that data.

To protect our personal information online and keep it private, we need to make sure we’re the only ones in which are able to access that information. This is done through a process called authentication.

There are 3 widely accepted methods in which you can authenticate yourself.


Something you know, such as passwords, pin numbers, patterns


Something you own, such as smart cards, tokens and similar devices


Something you are, such as biometrics (face, eyes, fingers, voice)

What is Two-Factor Authentication?

Two-factor Authentication (2FA) is an efficient way to secure your accounts and digital assets. See it as an extra layer of protection which is combined by a password (something you know) with a second authentication method such as a one-time passcode from a token or a push notification to your smartphone.

Why does having 2FA enabled matter?

We have already established a single password is weak with the more complex passwords not preventing from hacking attempts either. Two-factor Authentication is made up of 2 different authentication types to login into your account, reducing the risk of account takeovers/hacks by a significant amount.

Using a Two-factor Authentication process can help against identity theft commonly carried out by the means of a phishing email, the hackers attempting this access would now require mote than your name/password.

Are you protected?

If you’re unsure whether you have Two-factor Authentication enabled contact one of our consultants for a security audit to be carried out on your digital assets and the security in place protecting your business and clients personal data. A remedial plan can be put together ensuring a secure future for you and your clients.