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Brand Identity is integral to the success of all businesses, that's why we work with you to design a brand to achieve your goals.

Our Branding Services

Our in-house team of experienced graphic designers bring brands to life by taking the time to fully understand our clients, their business, their customers, their competition, their needs and most importantly, their goals.  

Your branding is your visual identity

Here at OES we understand that your branding is key to your business success. That’s why we work closely with our clients to create eye-catching, memorable, and instantly recognisable brands, packed with personality and style. 

Discovering your brand’s personality

Our team will host creative meetings where we really get to know you and your business, discovering your brand’s tone of voice, core values, ethos and offering.  

Brand and Design Research

We take the time to analyse your market sector, your target audience, and your competition, whilst always monitoring current consumer trends in order to future proof your brand. 

Design & Re-design

Whether you are an existing company looking to refresh your look or a brand-new start-up, our team will work with you to create what we believe is the most important aspect of any business. We can also touch up and bring life back to existing logos with our re-draw service.  


Business Cards Mockup

Developing Brand Guidelines

To ensure a consistent and professional brand image, brand guidelines are produced which outline the clear-cut rules of how your logo, colours, fonts, and messages are presented. This document serves as a reference point for any marketing, website, social media, and promotional material you may wish to utilise.  

Integrated Brand Tool Kit / Stationery Design

Maintain that professionalism and protect your brand image with a consistent range of essential brand elements and business stationery such as business cards, letterheads, email signatures, social media assets, comp slips, packaging, menus, leaflets, invitations, brochures, signage solutions, and many more.

We take care of the creative design and can arrange well-finished affordable printing. 

Creating Your Brand Message

Our talented team of copywriters can also craft innovative and engaging straplines, slogans, and text content for your website, social media channels, blog, and email marketing to reflect your brand’s tone of voice and drum up excitement with your audience.  

Our Branding and Graphic Design Services are Bespoke

When you decide to work with us at OES, we work with you to design a plan bespoke to you. Want a logo for your new business? We can do that. Want a complete brand redesign? We can do that too. We also offer a whole host of other Digital Marketing Services, making your marketing integrated. It is totally up to you, we’ll create a bespoke affordable package suitable to your needs.  

Call 01745 816473 to speak to our friendly team or fill in the enquiry form for more details on our Brand and Graphic Design services.

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