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Certified green products

The quality of life in tomorrow’s world will depend on how we treat the environment today.

At OES we take our responsibility for the environment seriously. Our aim is to achieve the  most harmonious relationship possible between the products we sell and the environment.

ISO 14001ISO 14001

At every stage of a product’s lifecycle, Develop ensures that raw materials, components and consumables are selected according to environ – mentally compatible criteria and energy is used as economically as possible. As a result, Develop has been certified to ISO 14001.

All devices supplied by OES are manufactured at facilities certified to ISO 14001.

blue-angel-logoBlue Angel

Since 1978, the Blue Angel seal has been awarded to environment-friendly products. Blue Angel evaluates a product’s energy consumption, noise emissions and recyclability. Since energy consumption is directly related to emissions of CO2, a crucial greenhouse gas, Blue Angel devices are helping to reduce CO2 emissions.

Most of our Develop products fulfil the even stricter Blue Angel requirements introduced in April 2007.

Energy StarEnergy Star

Energy Star is a specific award for energy-saving devices. For example, devices that fulfil the Energy Star requirements are at least 30% more efficient than conventional equipment. In particular, they power down when not in use to save electricity. All devices supplied by OES are Energy Star qualified.


The EU’s Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive puts limits on the use of harmful substances such as lead or mercury. All devices supplied by OES are RoHS compliant.

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