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store-and-findIn many companies documents and information still end up in storage boxes, files or cupboards. In the long term this not only takes up space, but looking for specific documents also takes up valuable time. Sometimes documents may even get lost.

Efficient administration? Far from it!

A document management system (DMS) in which all important documents, receipts, faxes and e-mails can be captured and stored electronically can provide some relief. However, especially for SMEs the cost of investing in a DMS and associated training has so far often been too high, and the products on the market have been too complex. With store+ find, DEVELOP is now offering four versions of an easy, reasonably priced solution which has been specially designed for small and medium sized businesses.


convert-and-sharestore+find works perfectly together in combination with convert+share, a software solution optimising your document workflow.

Automated production processes are standard practice in industry. Just think of how cars are made. But in many offices automation is unheard of. Each step in the document workflow is undertaken by hand and in many cases duplication cannot be avoided. Such inefficiency costs time and money, which small to mid-sized businesses cannot afford. This is where DEVELOP’s convert+share tool can make a big difference – with only minimal effort.

convert+share offers functions that are as effective as they are easy to use. They do away with manual work processes and sustainably optimise your document workflow, e.g. by scanning documents as .docx or .xlsx files and sending them straight from a multifunctional device to Windows files, email addresses, Google Docs, Telekom Cloud, Evernote or Microsoft SharePoint. That saves you time and effort – and allows you to concentrate on more important things.

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