On the Grapevine – Day 3

With recent high profile security breaches do you think small/medium sized companies are taking IT security seriously enough?

NO!! Many are unaware how vulnerable their whole IT systems are until it’s too late. To rectify such breaches can be a very costly and time consuming exercise.

No, a lot of small business don’t understand the risks in open data, ensuring relevant departments have certain access to relevant files within the IT filing system are of a bigger importance than they think. While attending a recent Expo in Manchester I gained knowledge in finding that a quick look on Facebook/Twitter during a lunch break is in fact posing the business to a great deal of infections/viruses and a possibility in breach of data, in which a lot of modern day Security companies don’t monitor or scan.

Most small/medium sized companies believe they are taking it seriously, but they don’t have the knowledge and understanding. They require further training and what options are available to better this.

Most companies do not consider their security until it’s too late. All companies should take the time to secure networks and more importantly teach their staff to use good security practices.”