On the Grapevine – Day 1

How do you imagine businesses will be using the internet in 5 years?

Businesses are becoming more and more reliant on the internet and the use of this will rapidly grow over the next 5 years as companies look to become more efficient and increase their customer base in specific geographical areas.

Software in which is required to run a business on a day to day basis will be hosted solely online with storage hosted online within the cloud, providing the internet speeds in the area are able to put up with the extra demand. City/Large towns will benefit from this while rural Villages/Towns will struggle to move to this step, due to the poor investment in improving their internet connection speeds.

In 5 years I imagine that businesses, due to increased internet speeds, will have applications and services hosted remotely in data centres.”

I expect the use of real-time systems will increase with customers expecting higher levels of service faster. This will include integration of many different online services which lets the customer decide how to interact.