OES now supporting Hospice at Home (Gwynedd and Anglesey)

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OES now supporting Hospice at Home (Gwynedd and Anglesey)

Having considered the support of a designated charity for some time. OES are now delighted to officially announce that our supported charity of choice is to be Hospice at Home (Gwynedd and Anglesey)

Hospice at Home is a local community focused charity that cares for patients with cancer and other life limiting illnesses across Gwynedd and Anglesey. They differ from other hospice organisations in that 80% of the work they do is caring for people in their own homes. The remaining 20% is made up from our work in the day hospice and our complementary therapy service.

We are thrilled that we are able to contribute to this cause. And hope in the coming months and years we will be able to make a difference. We will be working closely with the Hospice at Home team for the forcible future, promote fundraising events and provide general and marketing support to help this worthwhile charity grow.

OES trying to make a difference