Next-generation ineo+ 3350/3850 MFD

There was a time when virtually all multifunctional office devices in the A4 colour segment were short on functions and features that make a system quick and easy to use.

ineo-3850-sideThose days are finally over. The recently launched ineo+ 3350/3850 from DEVELOP is a feature-rich A4 colour device that meets all the document needs of home office workers, small businesses, start-ups or small to mid-sized workgroups in whatever field of business they operate.

How you benefit

  • More productivity through saving time in everyday document jobs
  • More money saved thanks to more energy-efficient devices
  • More fun in everyday work through convenient ease of use

Smartphone-like operability

Office users often complain about how difficult multifunctional devices are to operate. That is why one of the top priorities in designing the device was to ensure convenient ease of use. That starts, where it should, with the 7-inch full-colour touchscreen panel and its operating concept. Smartphone and tablet users will immediately feel at home because the intuitive multi-touch operating concept behind the touchscreen will be instantly familiar. The system’s menus are well structured and the user interface clearly designed. As a result, any office user will be able to operate this device in no time at all – without consulting a handbook and carry out everyday document jobs quickly and easily.

Environmentally friendly

More and more businesses are realising how important energy efficiency is in office devices that are switched on all day, and maybe all night as well. This is one of the strengths of the ineo+ 3350/3850. Its average weekly power consumption is low and it uses little to no power in sleep mode. These are key considerations from a total-cost-of-ownership perspective, as is the fact that this device is made of environmentally friendly materials. So investing in an ineo+ 3350/3850 is not only good for your bottom line, it also makes sound business sense and does your green image no harm at all. After all, the ineo+ 3350/3850 comes with Energy Star and Blue Angel certification, both internationally acclaimed environmental standards.

A4 and fully featured

A lot of A4 office devices are anything but fully featured. Yet a full set of features and functions is vital if you want to improve the productivity of your document workflows and your everyday office business. That is why the 33-ppm ineo+ 3350/3850 offers a top-class set of features, even in its standard configuration. They include a 650-sheet paper capacity, 1 GB of memory and a 320 GB hard disk, a reverse automatic document feeder, a PCL and PostScript print controller and other smart features such as printing the most common documents such as Word, Excel or PDF files from a USB drive.