Nearly all phishing emails now contain ransomware

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Nearly all phishing emails now contain ransomware

Don’t open that email! As many as 93% of all phishing emails arriving in your inbox could now contain ransomware

The research was conducted by PhishMe, a threat management company who specialises in phishing defence solutions, recorded a 789% jump in the first 3 months of 2016.

Phishing emails try to trick users into clicking a nefarious link or open a dangerous attachment, attempt to install ransomware on the user’s system. Once installed it encrypts files on the infected system and forces users to pay the ransom to get the decrypt key which unlocks the files. All computer users should be highly vigilant when viewing e-mail and be especially wary of messages with attachments, particularly if they’re in the form of JavaScript code or Microsoft Word documents that ask that macro functions be turned on.

The report also highlights how businesses are now being targeted more by ransomware attacks. This is why all businesses should take steps to protect their IT with the correct use of security software and data backups. If you are unsure about your company’s current IT security setup, please call 01745 816 473 for a FREE IT security audit.