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OES understands the need to use appropriate technologies and strategic business tools, tailored to each individual company / organisation.

Our team come from a varied background providing a wide variety of skills, this, coupled with years of experience in the IT world ensures we can best help clients make decisions on their IT needs.

We solve complex problems quickly and aim to get fully involved with your business, so that you think of us as “part of the team.” We always aim to deliver our opinions in the simplest and clearest way possible so you can make your own, well informed decisions.

Areas of Consultancy

  • Infrastructure Architecture and Design
  • Integration of third party applications into established infrastructure
  • Network Administration: Migrations, Installations, Upgrades
  • Enterprise System Project Management and Consulting
  • Product R&D and Service Issues Resolution
  • Remote Support and maintenance
  • Performance Engineering
  • Disaster Proactive Planning and Recovery

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