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If you had a fire, would your insurance company pay-out?

Did you know: maintaining electrical appliances is a requirement of most insurance policies?

What is PAT Testing?

Portable Appliance Testing (PAT Testing) is the testing of all electrical items in a workplace to ensure that they are electrically safe for operation by staff, visitors or public to that workplace. Appliances may include, computers, printers, kettles etc.

How we test

PAT testing consists of visual and electrical examinations of your electrical appliances to check that they are suitable for use within the work place.

Step 1: Visual Inspection
The cabling, plug and socket of the appliance is checked for any damage which could cause it to be a potential hazard. We will replace plugs if they were broken or damaged.

Step 2: Testing the Appliance
An electrical test is performed with our PAT testing equipment to verify that the appliance is being supplied the correct amount of voltage and that a stable ground connection exists if required.

Step 3: The Results
Appliances which pass both tests receive a green PASS label and the result is logged. If a device fails we will offer advice regarding any repairs.


Once all the appliances have been tested we issue a certificate of compliance and test report. We will also and recommend a date for testing the appliances in the future.


As the employer it is your responsibility to ensure that the equipment used by your employees is maintained in good condition and is suitable for it’s intended purpose.

Neglecting your electrical equipment increases the possibly of faults leading to electric shocks and fire hazards. PAT testing is the easiest way to ensure that your business is in compliance with the health and safety legislation and insurance requirements.

Key Facts

  • Electricity can be dangerous. Around 100 major injury accidents caused by electricity are reported each year including around 10 fatalities. (Source HSE 2012).
  • Around 25% of all electrical injury accidents are caused by portable electrical equipment (PEE).
  • Faulty electrical leads cause around 2000 fires each year.

The Health & Safety Executive states that 25% of all reportable electrical accidents involve portable appliances.

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