Develop ineo+ 308 Wins BLI Award


We are delighted to announce that the ineo+ 308 recently received the BLI Summer Pick Award 2016 in the “Outstanding 21-30 ppm A3 Colour MFP” category.

Twice a year, BLI awards products that deliver the most outstanding performances in lab tests. And this is what BLI Senior Editor George Mikolay had to say about this device: “The DEVELOP ineo+308 will reduce costs and streamline workflows in a number of ways.”

The ineo+ 308 received this award for its comprehensive set of features, excellent reliability, support for mobile printing, fully customisable driver and diverse control panel, as well as comprehensive security measures. “We’re constantly aiming to create the best collaborative platform for the office environment,” says Julien Azzi, the ineo+ 308 product manager. “And we’re naturally very pleased that the increased productivity, seamless integration and high cost efficiency of this A3 colour device have been duly recognised.”

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