Hickory’s Smokehouse

Hickorys smokehouse

Hickory’s Smokehouse

Having been a customer of OES for over 20 years I have no hesitation in recommending there company and the outstanding customer service they have given us over the years.

Having dealt with both the founder Terry Jackson & the MD Wayne Jones ( in more recent years) I have found them not only to be professional but also creative & positive in the way they do business.

Having a business in North Wales but also as further afield in the Midlands and beyond, the service has never faulted as we have expanded our operation.

The cross over of the Managed IT Services and the Managed printing side of the business has helped us make large savings over a long period of time and kept us up to date, be it through computing or printing capabilities for our menus or branded merchandise or goods. I am especially grateful more recently, as our small group of restaurants hit difficulties during the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic in which we were struggling to pay our suppliers when we had to shut down all of our operations for 4 months. Understanding immediately where we were at that time, they offered very flexible terms to help us through with our monthly payments & cash flow which could have been far worse for us without that level of generosity and empathy.

This affinity & understanding of our business needs, including a 7 day a week all year round call out service, reflects how they see the bigger & longer term picture and why we are proud to still have that synergy with all the team at OES over two decades later.

Neil McDonnell / Founder

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