Businesses turn to eCommerce after eBay price hike

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Businesses turn to eCommerce after eBay price hike

Businesses are considering switching to their own ecommerce websites instead of using eBay to sell online after changes made last week made using the site more expensive. The changes impact auctions for three-to-ten day & ‘buy it now listings’ in particular, although some will see costs drop slightly.

EBay’s Gallery plus feature has been increased to £2.50 (formerly 95p) which allows users to display their images larger on auctions and ‘buy it now’ listings’.

Adding a ‘buy it now’ option to auctions will cost a flat rate of 50p. Until now, the fee varied according to the price of the item being sold. Adding the option to items listed between 99p and £4.99 cost 10p, between £5 and £14.99 cost 20p and between £15 and £24.99 cost 30p. Items costing anything above £25 already cost 50p to add the option.

More details on the price changes can be seen over at