5 Reasons Hybrid Working is the Future


5 Reasons Hybrid Working is the Future

With the covid pandemic affecting how we work and accelerating the rate of people working from home, businesses are having to change how they operate.

It’s no longer an either-or thing. People don’t either work from home or the office, they need the flexibility to do both.

We’ve talked about Hybrid Office Solutions before but now wanted to share with you a list of reasons why we think Hybrid Working is the future.

1. More environmentally friendly

Sustainability has been rising in importance in recent years, and if it’s not on your business’ radar then it should be. having flexible working with hot-desking allows for reduced office space and overheads, meaning your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced.

It also reduces carbon emissions from the commute as employees are no longer having to drive into the office.

Virtual meetings with in-house employees and clients also reduce the need for travel – fewer carbon emissions as well saving time on traveling!

2. Cheaper in the long run

The initial setup costs of a hybrid model of working can seem costly, and let’s be honest: daunting. However, it’s worth it in the long run.

Instead of employees having a desktop set up in the office and a laptop to take home, why not have them set up with one powerful laptop, a decent screen set up in the office, and cloud-based solutions that allow them to use that laptop anywhere?

We can help you set up your hybrid method of working, taking the pressure off you!

3. Employees don't want to lose the work life balance

Not all employees want to work from home full time, just like not all want to work in the office full time. That’s why flexible hybrid working is perfect.

It allows your employees to be able to work in a way that suits them. Whether they have the school run so need to work from home some days to accommodate, or if they live particularly far from your office. Allowing them to work from home when they need means they don’t lose the work-life balance they achieved during the lockdowns.

It’s the perfect solution for a forward-thinking workplace as it allows employees to be flexible and work in a way that suits their needs and workload.

4. Helps with recruitment and employee retention

Let’s face it, seeing that a company has a flexible, hybrid method of working is attractive. When recruiting for a new employee, they’re more likely to want to work for you if you show them that their wellbeing is important to you and your business.

The same goes for current employees. Allowing them flexibility let’s them know that you value them and the work that they do, meaning they’re more likely to stay with you.

5. It's future proof with flexibility

Last but not least – it’s future proof.

We all hope that we’ve seen the last of lockdowns, however, it’s unfortunately not a guarantee. We don’t know what the future will bring, whether we see a resurgence in the pandemic cases each winter or if a mutation causes the world to shut down again. So it’s better to be prepared.

Not to mention that if an employee has any illness, like a cold, they can work from home to prevent spreading it around the entire office.

Having a hybrid model of working means that your employees will be able to switch to working from home at a moment’s notice, with no loss of work or time. It allows them to have flexibility in the workplace and to go out on client meetings with their laptops in tow.

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