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Data cabling is often given less attention than, say, servers or firewalls, yet they are a key feature of any business that needs to store and communicate data effectively between its staff.

From single point installations through to thousands of network points for both voice and data, our professional cabling team can meet your requirements. We use high quality CAT6 cable or can use CAT5e cable to reduce costs if network speed is not a priority.

RJ45 data and voice outlets will be numbered to correspond with the corresponding port on patch panels in rack data cabinets and all cables are tested prior to sign off of the installation.

Identifying Your Data Cabling Requirement.

We always recommend an initial site visit to allow one of our experienced cabling installers to survey and assess your immediate requirements but also to understand your long term plans, so these can be factored into any data cabling installation work we undertake subsequently.

We also provide all the associated products and hardware you require such as:-

  • Patch panels
  • Repeaters
  • 19” rack / data cabinets
  • mini trunking / maxi trunking / dado trunking
  • Cable protectors
  • Cabling
  • Network Switches
  • Firewalls

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