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Ineo 364e

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Multifunctional Colour Photocopier

Does an office system with every possible document function have to be difficult to use?
Why can’t such multifunctional systems be tailored to your needs? Reasonable questions, we
believe. And that’s why the ineo+ 364e has been designed for tailor-made ease of use. Just
like your smartphone or tablet, this multifunctional office system can be operated intuitively
with perfect ease. Frequently used functions can be placed on your start screen while functions
you don’t use can simply be removed – to make life as easy as possible. The ineo+ 364e is an
office system that adapts to your working habits!

  • Easy and intuitive panel handling
  • Multi-touch operation like smartphone or tablet
  • Individual adaptable panel operation
  • Direct integration of timesaving solutions
  • Flexible finishing and media versatility
  • Outstanding security features
  • Low energy consumption and outstanding eco performance


  • Copy and Print up to 36 ppm A4 and up to 14 ppm A3
  • Scan up 160 ipm in black&white
  • Fax with Super-G3-Faxoption for fast transmission and digital reception, Polling, time shift, PC-Fax, Receipt to confidential box, Receipt to email, FTP, SMB
  • Standard: Embedded controller with 800 MHz (SoC architecture)


  • Standard: 1,150 sheets, max. 3,650 sheets
  • 500-sheet universal cassette (A5 crosswise – A3, 52-256g/m²)
  • 500-sheet universal cassette (A5 crosswise – SRA3, 52-256g/m²)
  • 150-sheet bypass (A5 lengthwise – SRA3, Width: 90 to 320, Length: 139.7 to 1.200, 52-300g/m²) for OHP, labels, banner paper, thick paper


  • Inner finisher with corner and 2 point stapling, max. 500 sheets capacity
  • Optional for inner finisher: punch kit (2-/4- holes)
  • 50 sheet staple finisher, max. 3,200 sheets + 100 sheets (via inner tray) capacity, max. 50 sheet stapling
  • 20 sheet booklet finisher, max. 2,200 + 100 sheets (via inner tray) capacity, max. 50 sheet stapling
  • Optional for Floortype finisher: punch kit (2/4- holes)


Type of machine Console System (scanner integrated)
Printing and copying speed
  • A4
    max. 36
  • A3
    max. 18
Print system Laser
Gradation 256
Paper feeder
  • Standard: 1,150 sheet, max. 3,650 sheets
  • 500-sheet universal cassette (A5 – A3, 52-256g/m²)
  • 500-sheet universal cassette (A5 – SRA3, 52-256g/m²)
  • 150-sheet bypass (A5 – SRA3, Width: 90 to 320, Length: 139.7 to 1,200mm, 60-300g/m²) for standard paper, envelopes, OHP, thick paper, banner
Paper format A6-SRA3, customised paper sizes;
banner paper max. 1,200 x 297 mm
Printable area Max. print area for SRA3 paper size: 307.1 x 437.1 mm;
for 311.1 x 457.2 mm paper size: 302.7 x 448,7 mm
Warm-up time Approx. 20¹
¹ Warm-up time may vary depending on the operating environment and usage
Dimensions (w x h x d) 615 x 779 x 685 mm (excl. ADF and lower paper tray unit)
Weight Approx. 76.5 kg
Power 220-240 V / 50/60 Hz; Less than 1.58 kW (system)


  • Embedded controller with 800 MHz (SoC architecture)
Memory System memory standard (MB) 2,048
System hard disc standard (GB) 250
Resolution 1,800 x 600 dpi; 1,200 x 1,200 dpi
Network protocols TCP/IP (IPv4 / IPv6); IPX/SPX; NetBEUI; AppleTalk (EtherTalk); SMB; LPD; IPP; SNMP; HTTP
Emulation PCL6 (XL 3.0); PCL 5; PostScript 3 (CPSI 3016); XPS
Interfaces 10-Base-T/100-Base-T/1,000-Base-T Ethernet, USB 2.0
Driver Windows XP (32/64)
Windows VISTA (32/64)
Windows 7 (32/64)
Windows 8 (32/64)
Windows Server 2003 (32/64)
Windows Server 2008 (32/64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 (64)
Windows Server 2012 (64)
Macintosh OS X 10.x
Unix, Linux, Citrix


Type of scanning Scan-to-eMail (Scan-to-Me)
Scan-to-SMB (Scan-to-Home)
Network TWAIN scan
Resolution Max.: 600 x 600
Scanning speed Up to 160 ipm
Size of originals Max. A3
Scanning formats JPEG; TIFF; PDF; PDF/A 1a and 1b (optional); Compact PDF; encrypted PDF; searchable PDF (optional); XPS; compact XPS; PPTX; searchable PPTX (optional); searchable DOCX/XLSX (optional)
Scan adresses 2,100 (single + group); LDAP support


Document feeder Up to 100 originals; A6-A3; 35-163 gsm
RADF or Dualscan ADF available
Copy pre-selection 1 – 9,999
Zoom 25-400% in 0.1% steps; auto-zooming
First A4 copy 1st Copy/print time mono (sec) 5.3
Memory 2 GB RAM
HDD 250 GB
Resolution 600 x 600
Copier functions Chapter; cover and page insertion; proof copy (print and screen); adjustment test print; digital art functions; job setting memory; poster mode; image repeat; overlay (optional); stamping; copy protection


Compatibility G3/Super G3, MH, MR, MMR, J-BIG/ECM, IPFax
(iFax standard)
Transfer rate/transfer speed Up to 33.6 Kbps
Fax memory Uses system memory
Fax functions Polling; time shift; PC-Fax; receipt to confidential box; Receipt to e-mail/FTP/SMB; up to 400 job programs


  • Dual Scan Document feeder (100 sheets)
  • Duplex Document feeder (100 sheets)
  • Original Cover
  • Inner Finisher with 50-sheet multi position stapling, stack capacity of max. 500 sheets, optional punch kit (2/4 hole)
  • Floortype Finisher for 50-sheet stapling: stack capacity of max. 3.200 sheets + 100 sheets via inner tray, optional punch kit (2/4-hole)
  • Floortype Finisher with 20-sheet booklet and 50-sheet stapling, max. 2,200-sheets + 100 sheets via inner tray capacity, optional punch kit (2/4-hole)
  • Job separator, max 200 (150/50) sheet capacity
  • Paper feed cabinet (500 sheets)
  • Paper feed cabinet (2x 500 sheets)
  • Large capacity tray for 2,500 sheets (A4)
  • Large capacity tray
  • Copy desk
  • 10-key pad
  • Banner tray
  • Working Table
  • Fax Unit
  • Security Kit
  • Keyboardholder
  • USB interface kit
  • USB interface kit with bluetooth
  • Biometric authentication kit
  • Miscellaneous card solutions
  • Mounting kit for card reader
  • Sender stamp kit for documents
  • i-Option (additional functions)
  • WLAN adapter
  • Kit for Android remote control


  • store+find (optional)
  • convert+share (optional)
  • Personal Applications (optional)
  • Enterprise Device Manager
  • Enterprise Account Manager (optional)
  • Enterprise Authentification Manager (optional)
  • Enterprise My Panel Manager (optional)
  • Enterprise My Print Manager (optional)
  • Data Administrator (user accounts & cost centres)
  • Card solutions (optional)
  • Unix/Linux support
  • SAP support
  • EveryonePrint (optional)
  • PCounter (optional)

Options & Consumables

Compact Flash Adapter KM-725
Expansion Memory M-35C (512MB)
Hard Disk HD-P03 (40GB)
Paper Feed Unit PF-P09 (500)
Wireless LAN SX-600
Toner/Toner Cartridge TNP22C
Toner/Toner Cartridge TNP22M
Toner/Toner Cartridge TNP22Y
Toner/Toner Cartridge TNP22K
Imaging Unit IUP14C
Imaging Unit IUP14M
Imaging Unit IUP14Y
Imaging Unit IUP14K
Desk SCD-PB1
Desk SCD-25

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